How It Works

Combine Many Internet Connections to Create a Faster, Fault-Proof Online Experience.

Link Aggregation - Broadband Bonding

Use any combination of links and get the total symmetric sum of all bonded circuits.

Your bonded traffic is securely controlled at two locations:

  1. A customer premise appliance (CPE).
  2. A server in your or one of our partners datacenters, called an Aggregation Server.

How it works:

  1. Traffic bound for the client network first passes through the Aggregator, where the data stream is divided, each packet routed independently through one of your individual Internet connections.
  2. When the packets reach the CPE, they are recombined into the original data stream and forwarded to the client network.
  3. Traffic from the client network takes the opposite path: the bonding appliance distributes the traffic among your connections and it is recombined at the aggregator before being sent to the destination host.


  1. Cross-Carrier Redundancy.
  2. Increased download and upload speeds.