QoS – End to End control


The Multapplied Quality of Service Engine works
end to end – for both uploads and downloads.

Our Quality of Service Mechanism ensures voice quality for customers by delivering packets further into the core. By ensuring the packets are delivered to the core, Multapplied has essentially eliminated the quality-related issues with last-mile access technologies.

First, we bond the connections – any connection, of any type, speed, or provider. We are a leader in Advanced-Bonding technology, allowing us to bond virtually any number of connections to create one single “pipe” to satisfy your customers’ bandwidth needs. We’ll prioritize traffic across the network so that in-coming and out-going high priority traffic such as voice is complication-free.

Then, we tie the customer’s network to peering Aggregators located strategically inside your core network. By adding an aggregator in a central location on the internet backbone, the Multapplied Bonded Internet technology can ensure that packets are prioritized between the client premises and the core where bandwidth is plentiful.

Our channel partners can then control application quality end-to-end for their clients.

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