Bonded Internet WISPA Membership Program

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WISPA Members’ Program.

Give your customers faster, feature-rich, unbreakable networks.

Aggregate Broadband Connections for Faster Speeds and Bullet-Proof Resilience with QoS for Priority Traffic


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Multapplied Networks is offering, exclusive to WISPs across North America, the ability to take advantage of:

  1. Discounted Start-up Fees – 50% savings over regular partnerships

  2. Discounted License Fees – designed to help WISPs compete

  3. Customized Features – give customers the features they need

  4. Turn-Key System Set-Up – we do all of the heavy lifting

Bonded Internet is currently being used by these WISPA member organizations and more:

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Case Study: Bonding Wireless to Wireline

Have customers that want/need a wireline back-up? Bonded Internet can give them seamless failover from network to network.


Case Study: Dual Wireless, Dual Towers, Bonded

Click here to learn how our system allows users to mix-and-match connections of different types so that uptime is maximized and sessions aren’t lost.


Register for a Demonstration

We’re always eager to show off our technology and explain its many features. Why not sign up for a demonstration today?


Have Someone Contact Me, Please.

Want to discuss the partnership and technology with us? Not a problem, we’ll contact you and answer any questions you may have.