Dual or Multi-ISP WANs are what our technology was initially built for.  Using our technology, any customer can take two or more Internet circuits and create a more reliable single data path over them – giving the customer the Stacked Bandwidth and Combined Availability of all the circuits within the bond. The combined availability is shown by the diagram and equation below:

Site Availability = 1 – (1 – 0.98 )2 = 0.9996 = 99.96% Uptime

The implications of the above equation are that the combined availability of two circuits in parallel is always much higher than the availability of either of the individual circuits. The magic of the Multapplied software is how it deals with network traffic when one of the circuits fails. The algorithm at the core of this magic will, on the fly, see when a circuit is failing or is dropping and direct packets seamlessly to the other link or links, all the while respecting the various enabled features of that site’s configuration.

WAN Link Brownout Mitigation:

In addition, if a circuit within the bond exhibits high latency and jitter, the feature we refer to as Bandwidth Adaptation, will reduce the data rate of that circuit to bring the latency and jitter to within acceptable parameters – maintaining a high user experience during an Internet brownout.  Simply, this means that a voice call (high priority data) in progress when a circuit fails or experiences high latency and jitter, will continue without dropping and will have no audio artifacts normally associated with a poor transport structure.


Making High Availability from Low Availability

Yes, our technology will work with circuits of the same kind from the same carrier, however the real benefit is when circuits from different carriers or of different types are used together.  Mix and match any of the various forms of DSL with Cable, T1, Fiber, Point to Point Wireless, or 3G/4G/LTE to increase WAN reliability.  Now, you have a service with diverse carrier connections all looking like one single service which increases the Service Level Agreement (SLA) significantly. Take a look:

From the above table it’s clear that even if you’re using a very low availability circuit, in an active-active configuration, the overall availability will be much higher. Thus, parallel operation in a dual-ISP WAN provides a very powerful mechanism for making a highly reliable WAN from low reliability circuits. 

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