SD-WAN: A Lifeline for Healthcare Providers

For most businesses, network downtime, or losing connection to email and offsite applications or backup, is a financial and operational concern. In the healthcare industry, though, network downtime is much more serious. An unplanned network outage, after all, can negatively impact patients’ health and wellbeing—resulting in a disaster for individuals, healthcare providers, and service providers…

Multapplied Networks Announces Participation in Virtual Central Office (VCO) 3.0 Demonstration at KubeCon

November 14, 2019 | Business, News, SD WAN Multapplied’s Core Software-Defined Networking technology demonstrates 5G calls through a containerized, cloud-based, virtual central office (VCO) November 14th, 2019, Vancouver – Multapplied Networks Inc. “Multapplied”, today announced that its SD-WAN software will be used in the VCO 3.0 Project (Virtual Central Office) to be demonstrated at the…

Multapplied SD-WAN: White Box

The White Label, White Box SD-WAN for Service Providers: Control Your Network, Increase Revenues & Own Your Customers. Learn more about how to maximize quality and grow your business. Multapplied’s white label, white box SD-WAN allows you to control your brand and make customers stick.

The Evolution of WAN

SD-WAN Has Revolutionized and Improved The WAN Experience: Download and view this infographic and visualize to see the evolution of WAN and how SD-WAN manages and optimizes the network, providing better performance, reliability, cost savings, flexability and control.