Bonding LTE-to-DSL

Use Bonded Internet™ to create highly resilient networks for customers needing seamless failover.

Bonding DSL and LTE for LTE Failover

Wireless for Failover – no IP address change

Need a hassle-free wireless back-up for clients?

Again, not a problem. Bonded Internet™ gives customers same-IP failover regardless of what bonded connections fail.

Set your wireless back-up link as “Failover” and the system will transfer traffic over to it in the event that the primary connection fails.

The failed connection is detected and traffic is re-routed in three-tenths of a second, maintaining client sessions.

Ask us to show you a demonstration of Bonded Internet™

Rate-Limiting Wireless Download to Contain Costs

Wireless rates too high for most customers?

Not a problem. Using Bonded Internet™, you can combine the bandwidth of any portion of each connection – meaning you’re able to rate-limit the download speed of the 4G connection to reduce usage and control data costs for your customers.

If your customer needs upload capacity, consider not rate-limiting the 4G connection’s upload capacity so that the system can take advantage of all of the bandwidth of the upload bonded tunnel.

Ask us to show you a demonstration of Bonded Internet™