Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) combined with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful technology and business combination. The demands of today’s business with individuals working in off-site and remote locations necessitate that businesses must adapt to how they connect their voice systems. The trend over the last 10 years is to move away from on-premise voice systems to cloud and hosted voice platforms. Hosted voice offers a wide array of features, functionality, and business benefits that on-premise solutions cannot deliver especially in mid-market and in multi-site deployments; It expands and optimizes team collaboration.

Multapplied Networks’ has recently published a case study that showcases how 1Wire Fiber of Salt Lake
City, Utah deployed SD-WAN to provide the network and quality of experience necessary to quality VoIP.

The PROBLEM: 1Wire CEO, Adam Sessions, CEO of 1Wire stated that prior to SD-WAN implementation the speed, reliability, and quality of the internet connectivity was a challenge that created headaches for their customers and of course themselves.

The RESULTS: After the implementation of the Multapplied Networks’ SD-WAN, Customers found tremendously improved internet connectivity allowing for faster speeds, better reliability, and performance.

Because the platform is software based, 1Wire has been able to deploy it across its own network
infrastructure and now has complete control.

The full case study can be read at

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