Extending Multapplied SD-WAN

Extending + Bonding + Internet 

Multapplied SD-WAN can be extended and customized in a number of ways, including: 

  • Application Programming Interface (API): external applications can add, retrieve, update and delete information from the management server. 
  • Hooks: change behaviour on Aggregators and CPE’s by running custom scripts and programs when certain events occur. 
  • Firewall: customize firewall rules on Aggregators and CPE’s.
  • Nagios/monitoring system: existing monitoring infrastructure can retrieve leg statuses from the management server. 
  • SNMP integration: using SNMP to monitor CPE’s and Aggregators. 
  • Legacy DHCP server: recommendations for installing a DHCP server on a CPE. 
  • Preboot eXecution Environment server: CPE’s can be provisioned quickly and easily with a small dedicated server in the partner’s office.