We Enable Service Providers

to deploy better customer networks.

An overlay technology to enhance your existing network and build powerful software-defined services for your customers.

Multapplied SD-WAN -The Next Generation of WAN.
Change the Way You Network.

Private WAN

Elevate Service Delivery

Multapplied SD-WAN enables Service Providers to deliver services faster with more flexibility. Create a secure on-ramp to deliver higher quality end-user experience of network, cloud, and managed services. Per-packet load balancing across multiple circuits provides reliability and sub-second failover. Expand your reach and give single or multi-site customers always-on connectivity regardless of geographies, while controlling service delivery end-to-end.

MNI Aggregator

Build Brand

Make customers associate reliable SD-WAN with your brand name. On top of leveraging your own network, IP space, and hardware, our SD-WAN platform is fully white label, white box. You are the Service Provider and vendor – ensuring your customer is your own. Multapplied SD-WAN enables you to build your brand and maximize your money-making potential, while remaining competitive.


Maximize Revenues and Profits

Increase your margins with our flexible licensing model. Pay per connection or per site to manage your cost. Our subscription-based lisencing model functions on a per site basis so that your bill won’t be based on how much bandwidth you use. Give customers top of the line experience at a low cost. You have full control over your SD-WAN pricing. Bundle it with existing services and manage your own margins.

What this all means for your business

Maximize your Return on Investment and profits while riding over top of the internet for your backbone and providing always-on connectivity between sites across the globe.

SD-WAN gives you the competitive edge you need. It allows you to control the service, manage the delivery, and use it to build your brand.

Support customers with global operations, while reducing your number of support tickets; See higher customer acquisition and retention rates. Our technology gives Service Providers the ability to create customer networks that can be managed from a single-pane-of-glass – so you can react to customer requests in seconds and eliminate the need to roll trucks.

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Some Use Cases



An MSP’s biggest customer (Customer X) complains that the services they’re being provided are not of reliable quality. Their executives and staff are complaining of dropped calls, video jitter, and problems with spam and a variety of other security challenges. Customer X is unimpressed and is considering ending the business relationship.

Multapplied Solution

SD-WAN will enable you, the MSP, to deliver end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) to your customers. With QoS, you can prioritize bandwidth allocation to the applications that matter to customer X the most. Allocate a majority of the bandwidth to their Unified Communications so that slackers watching YouTube videos aren’t hogging the bandwidth. SD-WAN will allow you to maximize the performance of the applications you manage and deliver to your customers.



An ISP owns the fibre infrastructure in City A. The ISP wants to launch services in City B but is not able to do so without a Multapplied wholesale agreement and monthly minimum with the company that owns fiber in City B.

Multapplied Solution

SD-WAN enables ISPs to bring off-net customers on-net – SD-WANs can operate over Internet access connections, enabling off-net sites to be quickly added to the SD-WAN without establishing interconnect agreements with off-net access provider. This enables the ISP to provide service to a diverse range of customers. The ISP can use SD-WAN to merge voice, data and video applications into a complete solution while helping businesses optimize bandwidth by prioritizing traffic. SD-WAN allows the internet to be managed.

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