Fusion Broadband – Testimonial

“Sustain a business profit far in excess of a traditional ISP’s.”

Jason Maude
Managing Director


“We spent close to 12 months exploring and testing various technologies to be the “engine” of our Bonding solution. Once we started working with the team at Multapplied, the search was over. Not only did we find that the solution was by far the best performing insofar as bonding performance, but also in scalability for our projected growth.


In short, the business and technical support we have received has been outstanding, our business is growing at a phenomenal rate. Through utilizing the bonding “engine” from Multapplied we are able to sustain a business profit far in excess of a traditional ISPs.


Our support costs are lower, and our customers enjoy significant performance increases and uptime in their broadband connections. Service provisioning for our customers is fast, simple and very cost effective.”