“SD-WAN favors decoupling the procurement of transport and service management, therefore, widening the opportunity for smaller competitors to challenge large network-based providers.” [1]

The quality of a managed service is based almost entirely on customer connectivity. The reality is that not all of an MSP’s customers have the dedicated fiber or leased lines at every site. And with SD-WAN, there are new opportunities to deliver similar levels of performance, security and bandwidth, and better Return on Investment, using commercial, off-the-shelf broadband and wireless connections.


SD-WAN: Giving MSPs Control

Deploying SD-WAN gives MSPs a new monthly recurring revenue stream from managed virtual network services. MSPs can use this managed network or SD-WAN environment to deliver their managed applications with the performance, quality and SLA that customers expect. The MSP gains by having direct insight into the quality and performance of a customer’s connection to the MSP data centers and can directly control the connectivity to achieve their SLA.

SD-WAN abstracts control of the network from the underlying carrier and frees you from the control of the telecoms.

With SD-WAN, customers can bring all their sites on-net and access the applications offered by you, their MSP. By aggregating bandwidth from multiple circuits per site, your managed network service/SD-WAN offering makes bandwidth and reliability cost-effective at every site. Formerly “off-net” sites are now “on-net” and have access to the private, secure Wide Area Network and all corporate applications.

How Multapplied SD-WAN Enables MSP Managed SD-WAN

Multapplied allows you, the MSP, to own and control your own Managed SD-WAN solution. Our open architecture platform uses an API to export performance data into existing Operational and Business Systems. With Multapplied, you build, deploy and control the entire SD-WAN platform. You have control over all the virtual circuits, you see jitter, latency and packet loss. You determine the bandwidth allocated to your Managed Applications and prioritize Voice, Video or other business critical applications. You also white label our SD-WAN software and brand it as your own.

Unlike other Managed SD-WAN offers, Multapplied enables you to use your data centers and your infrastructure. You have complete independence and control. Deploy our SD-WAN use it to “groom” and manage customer connectivity to your applications virtually.

Integrate Multapplied’s SD-WAN into your Managed Services portfolio to give your customers a “secure onramp” to your cloud with always on-connectivity and security. Realize your SLA and deploy a new branded service that drives incremental MRR.

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[1] Gartner – Market Insight: “How to Capture Share of the Managed Network Services Market as a Midsize Provider.” November 2018.