Deliver Reliable Connectivity as Your Secret Competitive Advantage

As a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider, connectivity should be a top priority.

Here’s why:

Your company is much more than just a for-profit organization. You are the nexus—the digital foundation—for countless companies. Customers rely on your infrastructure to power their desktops and apps on a daily basis, and trust that you will provide them with the reliable service that you promise in your SLAs, at all times.

Think of it this way: Your customers trust your business so much, they choose to forego maintaining their own computing infrastructure, believing that your company can handle the job better, faster and cheaper.

That’s a big responsibility—and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Seamless Failover Is Mandatory

With this in mind, it’s safe to call your operation mission critical.

There is absolutely no room for unplanned network downtime or quality issues in your environment. If your business loses connectivity in a certain area (due to a storm, configuration error or cyberattack), or your network starts experiencing performance issues, it could have a massive ripple effect.

In the ultra-competitive DaaS industry, your company can’t afford to experience quality issues. Many enterprises, after all, are still on the fence about trusting third party DaaS providers. Even the slightest slip-up could be enough to cause enterprise decision makers to panic and pull the plug on their DaaS contracts.

Why You Need SD-WAN

Maintaining continuous and reliable network performance can be very challenging, especially for global providers that have to manage numerous data center environments, each with their own complex and unpredictable workloads.

Recent advances in software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), however, make this process much easier.

Multapplied’s white label SD-WAN solution, for instance, was specially designed to provide service providers with seamless failover, enhanced security and extra bandwidth. Multapplied’s SD-WAN can aggregate multiple links, so that traffic from failed or underperforming links can be automatically switched to other working links. Sessions for real time voice and video applications can also be maintained, thanks to same IP-failover.

With Multapplied’s SD-WAN, your company can:

  • Enhance your business continuity strategy without having to “rip and replace” any infrastructure. Multapplied can work with a variety of carriers and connection types.
  • Improve network security, with end-to-end encryption
  • Maintain full control over your revenues and margins

To learn more about Multapplied’s approach to SD-WAN, click here. Or check out our list of features.