Multapplied SD-WAN Release 6.3 improves data presentation of the usage, performance and availability of your customer’s SD-WAN. It allows you to demonstrate benefits and value more easily. Additional enhancements to the platform improve options for Private WAN deployments. Interface improvements target efficiency in your operations team. R6.3 delivers a range of utilities that refine the platform.

General Enhancements:

• Downtime Prevented has been made more accurate and query faster
• Bond and Leg Growth statistics have been made more accurate and query faster
• Database enhancements to prevent conflicts.
• Current speed values stay more up-to-date via updates from the Aggregation Servers.
• Management server backups now include any custom configurations that were created.
• The labels on the charts are now clickable to toggle the display of some metrics.
• The speed test details page is more responsive when waiting for test results.

New Capabilities

Private WAN Router Space Hooks

Help your customers extend their Private WAN. We have given partners the ability to add hooks that function as extra scripts to run against spaces when they start and stop. Like the hooks for other parts of bonding, space level hooks in Private WAN allow customers to inject routes, make custom gateways, and more.

Overlapping Subnets

Use Overlapping Subnets to give end customers better validation to handle more network configurations. When in Private WAN, routes can be configured to overlap with other routes or connected IPs to allow some more methods of network deployment.  For example, the following would now be valid:
                                                             Connected IP
                                                             Route via 10.42.5

nDPI Support In Flow Collectors

R6.3 enhances the flow collection features to include more detailed information on the types of application data being passed over the bond. This means that you can now use IPFIX, Netflow and sFow protocols to collect analytics on the applications being used by end customers at their sites. Flow data gives you insight into the bandwidth requirements being used or needed for business operation by site or customer. It also provides insight into the actual applications that are being used at each site, allowing end customers to understand and manage Internet usage according to their corporate policies.

Quality of Service Charts

QoS graphs are now available in R6.3 to illustrate how SD-WAN helps an end customer’s business. This reinforces the value proposition of SD-WAN and drives customer loyalty. The QoS charts show data flows in Mbps for each class of service you have defined for the Bond. Using the default QoS profile will allow you to see data rates for inbound and outbound traffic by class of service: Real-time (voice), Interactive (video), Routine and Bulk. Data can be displayed by together or individually. These charts are used to confirm class of service data allocations and fine tune Bonds and performance.