Bandwidth Adaptation

Bandwidth Adaptation is a feature of Multapplied SD-WAN that automatically adjusts the bandwidth of a circuit to mitigate the effects of high latency, jitter, and packet loss to provide a positive customer experience. Bandwidth Adaptation can help in the a variety of situations by reducing bandwidth speed and the latency and packet loss rate of the leg.

How it works

Multapplied SD-WAN continually monitors latency on each leg. When the circuit comes online, a test is performed to determine its idle latency and jitter. These values become the “baseline” latency and jitter. When the circuit is idle, the baseline values are updated using the regular heartbeat packets sent between the CPE and Aggregator. This ensures both the CPE and Aggregator always have an accurate understanding of the leg’s normal latency. With packet loss detection is enabled, the CPE and Aggregator will also track the circuit’s loss rate and use this to determine issues with the leg. 

The chart below shows how latency and throughput can change due to changes in available bandwidth on a leg. 

latency chart