We interviewed Alex Ball (pictured to the right), the Vice President of QX.Net, to get his take on how Multapplied’s SD-WAN has benefited QX.Net.

QX.Net is Kentucky’s largest independent Internet Service Provider. Locally owned and operated, QX.Net has been in business since 1997. As the operator of the state’s largest wireless network, QX.Net is able to provide clients with a variety of connectivity options beyond the traditional wired connections.

The Interview

Q: Why did you Select Multapplied?

A: There’s three reasons;

First off, we were immediately able to accommodate our customers’ needs. There was a project where we needed to have an SD-WAN solution but the options that we had spec’d out wouldn’t be able to do it. Multapplied was going to be able to do it and was also able to do it rapidly.

The second reason is that we really wanted to be able to white-label. It was very important for our brand to be attached to the SD-WAN product.

Lastly, we liked the growth potential. We could see on the road map that there was a lot coming; Like IPV6 Support, container support. Things like that are very important to us.

Q: How is the support you’ve received?

A: It’s been fantastic. I’ve had maybe 3 or 4 times where I’ve needed support and I’ve been able to speak directly to the engineers that Multapplied has building the product. That certainly explains the speed at which they fixed the issues we reported. I was really impressed with the whole process. Ever since my first support call the service has continued to live up to its standard.

Q: What problems did Multapplied help you solve

A: Multapplied gave us an SD-WAN product that had our name on it. That we could sell as our own immediately. Different features really helped us in a bunch of areas. For Our first ever customer in the field we needed our own IP’s announced into the SD-WAN service and we wanted to keep it local, so latency was a big consideration for that customer. We had a lot of voice services and a lot of video conferencing that was internal to that customers LAN but they had an office in New York, and office in Loyall, Kentucky, and an office in Lexington, Kentucky. The New York office was about 43 milliseconds away so any additions to that baseline latency was a big problem and all the other SD-WAN solutions we investigated at the time were 3rd party off-net. With Multapplied, we would’ve been able to mitigate the latency and keep it on the network. With other SD-WAN solutions, we would’ve had to carve out a block of our IP space, allow them to announce it and then all of the traffic would be looped through wherever that other party had a point of presence, just for internal traffic. Multapplied was able to accommodate our needs and was the best fit for us.

Q: What did Multapplied do for you that other vendors couldn’t offer

A: Like I said, white label was huge for us. Also, the PWAN option was critical for us. Our first customer, our “anchor customer, was 100 percent a PWAN company so we had to do not only an Aggregator setup but a PWAN set up at the same time. That was a big deal. I also really liked the dynamic QoS Multapplied provides. That feature has been a big talking point when speaking to customers and explaining the benefits of SD-WAN.

Multapplied was the only SD-WAN vendor we looked at that gave us licensing to run everything on our own infrastructure and equipment. Our IP has leveraged a lot on our own infrastructure and equipment so we wanted to make sure that anything that we selected was going to be 100 percent owned and controlled by us – Meaning the hardware running it, the network links, and so forth.

The first person I talked to from Multapplied was Roger Bell, we talked through the whole scenario I was trying to build and he understood it, which is rare in a sales environment – to talk to somebody who has the technical understanding to be able to hold a conversation and say “okay I get the whole scope of the project you’re building, here’s how our product can help you”…Our first call was about an hour and a half long. He even did a full product demo on that call. I was very impressed. Honestly, we had a time crunch but it felt right with Multapplied. I didn’t even bother considering another vendor after speaking to them.

Q: If you could start all over would you choose Multapplied again?

A: Absolutely I would Choose Multapplied again!


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