“The problem I have seen with many Infrastructure as a Service providers is that their offerings often don’t include anything pertaining to end user connectivity. And when they do, they don’t ensure that the connectivity is secure and reliable or deals with performance issues.” – Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers have dramatically sped up the process of deploying and provisioning new compute and storage resources to respond quickly to changing corporate requirements. IaaS Providers are one of the fastest-growing segments of the cloud market. IT Analyst House confirms that IaaS is on course to grow by 35.9% this year to $40.8B, as enterprises continue to wind down their on-premise IT deployments to do more in the cloud.

Meanwhile, Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) has also proven to help enterprises adapt to changing business requirements and take advantage of cloud services. According to IDC, the SD-WAN market is expected to hit $4.5B by 2022, growing at 40.4% compound annual growth rate.

But for some reason, IaaS Providers have not incorporated SD-WAN into their offers and delivered an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for business to migrate to cloud computing. Or, if they have, “they don’t ensure that the connectivity is secure and reliable or deals with performance issues.”

Multapplied enables IaaS Providers

Integrating Multapplied SD-WAN into your IaaS offerings is a game-changing endeavour with limitless potential for financial growth. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Report (2018), customers expect cloud IaaS providers to offer a broad array of services including hardware infrastructure, software infrastructure, management and governance capabilities, and pre-integrated value-added solutions.

Integrating Multapplied’s SD-WAN into your IaaS product and service portfolio gives your customers a way to connect to your cloud easily from any of their branches with always on-connectivity and gives you a branded, value-added service, that drives incremental revenue, margin and differentiation.

 Unlike Managed SD-WAN offers, Multapplied does not force you to use our network, or our data centers. As an IaaS provider, you deploy Multapplied’s SD-WAN in your data centers and use it to “groom” or manage customer connectivity, whether Internet, fiber or a hybrid network.

You own and control the infrastructure end-to-end. 

Multapplied gives IaaS Providers ownership and control of an SD-WAN platform. You sell Multapplied’s white label SD-WAN under your OWN brand name and are as a result, you’re able to increase your core product sales (servers/rack space/IaaS) for your Colocation and Cloud Service Provider customers.

What does this mean for YOU and your customers?

Drive high monthly recurring revenue streams and margin for your IaaS business by keeping your customers happy. Extend your cloud RIGHT to the customers’ network edge and reap the  following benefits:

  • Realize your SLA by gaining full control and visibility to customer connectivity
  • Build and control a virtual network that connects your customers to your infrastructure
  • Simple, fast deployment to optimize professional services utilization
  • Enhance your brand and differentiate your IaaS offerings


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