Multapplied’s Core Software-Defined Networking technology demonstrates 5G calls through a containerized, cloud-based, virtual central office (VCO)

October 3rd, 2019, Vancouver – Multapplied Networks Inc. “MNI”, today announced participation in the VCO 3.0 Project (Virtual Central Office) to be demonstrated at the KubeCon Conference 2019 in San Diego on November 20, 2019. KubeCon is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation.

Multapplied’s technology is being deployed in the VCO 3.0 Project through its partner Turnium Trusted Networks and will be used to power the first 5G call across the Internet.

The VCO 3.0 project is an open-source community project that will demonstrate how containerized cloud-hosted technologies, including MNI SD-WAN, can successfully complete all aspects of a 5G call over the Internet between the KubeCon Conference in San Diego and Sophia Antipolis, outside of Cannes France.

Johan Arnet, CEO of MNI says, “This project shows how Multapplied’s white-label SD-WAN platform can be used in highly innovative and creative ways. Providing containerized SD-WAN software that will be used to complete a 5G call over Internet and working with opensource community leaders like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Linux Foundation and Red Hat has been a great experience. We’ve been able to flex our development muscles and show that Multapplied is more than an SD-WAN platform, it can be a key component of a larger solution.”

At the conference, software provided by MNI will be demonstrated running in containers alongside technology provided by Red Hat, Alibaba Cloud and other technology leaders.

KubeCon brings together leading contributors in cloud native applications and computing, containers, microservices, central orchestration processing, and related projects to further cloud native education. The conference provides a platform for showcasing a full range of technologies that support the cloud native ecosystem.

The demonstration of the VCO 3.0 project will take place in the AB Exhibit Hall at 10 am during a presentation by Heather Kirksey, VP, Community and Ecosystem Development at the Linux Foundation; Azhar Sayeed, Chief Technologist – Cloud & Virtualization at Red Hat; & Fu Qiao, Project Manager at China Mobile.

The VCO 3.0 project offers telecoms, internet service providers and hosted voice providers a software-driven platform that moves telephony call control into the cloud with the required security, control and flexibility while increasing efficiency and capacity to support voice, video and 5G calls. Bringing call processing closer to the network edge improves call quality and allows service providers to deploy virtual central office services quickly to support the dense antenna deployments required by 5G networks without costly construction and infrastructure.

Multapplied’s underlying technology will be used by Turnium Trusted Networks to conduct the demonstration.

According to Cisco, by 2022, there will be 8.4 billion handheld or personal mobile-ready devices and 3.9 billion machine-to-machine connections such as automobile GPS, package tracking and other IoT deployments.[1]

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To contact Multapplied, please email or telephone Alex Caw at Email:, Phone: +1.866.578.6957 extension 424.

About Multapplied

Multapplied develops and sells its white-label, white box software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) platform to Internet Service Providers, Telecoms and Managed Services Providers across the globe. MNI enables service providers to deliver network and cloud-based services more effectively, while building strong recurring revenue streams and margins. Multapplied is headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

About SD-WAN

SD-WAN is poised to revolutionize the networking and telecommunications industry by virtualizing secure, high-speed networking and abstracting the ability to provide networks from the underlying physical networks. SD-WAN frees enterprises, small-medium business, cloud and managed services providers from the constraints imposed by traditional telecommunications companies. Multapplied is offering is a fully white label SD-WAN platform that can be used by business to replace or augment their current networks.

[1] “Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2017–2022 White Paper.” February 2019.