Service Providers across the globe integrate Multapplied SD-WAN into their product offerings to increase bandwidth at branch offices and drive the growth and performance of their core hosted applications, which improves customer satisfaction and accelerates business growth. Video


Easy Set up

Getting started with Multapplied is simple. Multapplied doesn’t charge for core networking software licenses. Only for what you deploy at an end-user site to earn revenue. And, you can deploy unlimited numbers of core networking software licenses. You can install software in either your existing virtual environments in the cloud or on new x86 hardware in your data center.

Customer sites are deployed by sending a  pre-configured, white-box or Virtual CPE x86 box to your customer. The CPE downloads its final configuration from the management server automatically and your customer is online.

Unlike other vendors who make you buy their hardware with mark up, we encourage you to buy hardware from any vendor you want! We leave the final decision in your hands and are willing to provide recommendations if you require them.


Business Benefits

As an Internet Service Provider, Telecom or Managed Service Provider, you benefit from Multapplied Networks’ business model:

  1. We give you a fully white label, white box platform, so you build your own brand instead of reselling somebody else’s. Multapplied provides you with your own SD-WAN product – you license it, you manage it, and you control it. Keep full ownership of your customers and the tools to tailor your solutions to their specific needs. Read more
  2. You deliver services over your network with full monitoring and management end-to-end even in deployments where you use any other provider’s last-mile Internet. This ensures you have the ability to maintain your SLA with end-customers.
  3. With our wholesale subscription-based pricing model, you’re able to set your own margins, often times by up to 200 or 300 percent above cost; Our pricing model is built to grow as your revenue does. We provide you with unlimited core software licensing.
  4. Expand your reach. With Virtual CPE or white-box deployments, you can virtualize edge devices and deploy more containerized services per CPE to be more efficient and flexible. This allows you to increase your product portfolio and profit per site.

Leverage your sales numbers using Multapplied’s multi-tenant SD-WAN as the platform to deliver higher quality services, high margin services such as, Desktop as a Service, Firewall as a Service, CCTV, Voice over Internet, Disaster Recovery and more.


Our Mission

Multapplied’s goal is simple, and that’s to provide an SD-WAN business platform that makes our partners money. Having our partners grow and become more profitable is what makes us successful.

Multapplied SD-WAN is Changing the Way you Network

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About Multapplied

 Multapplied SD-WAN is more than software, it’s a business platform that allows you to sell hosted and cloud-based services, more effectively, while building strong recurring revenue streams and margins. Our white label, white box business platform allows you to own and brand the customer experience end-to-end. Multapplied SD-WAN allows service providers to simplify the management of complex networks and mitigate downtime while increasing performance, security and return on investment. We make the Internet better for business.  Control your brand, own your customers, and change the way you network.

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