When you own a bakery your product options are limitless. With flour, butter and other basic ingredients, you can make cakes, croissants, donuts or bread. Multapplied SD-WAN is the all-purpose flour in your IT bakery. With all-purpose flour you can tailor your bakery to fit your needs and the needs of your customers.  Using our platform, your customers get uptime, higher speeds, fast deployment, redundant connectivity, better customer service and higher ROI. As the flour in your IT bakery, Multapplied SD-WAN supports your business growth and brand.

Your IT Bakery

The Internet continues to change the IT landscape. It has changed how consumers and businesses consume applications, how they communicate, what devices they use and where they interact or conduct business. This has meant that pre-baked solutions aren’t possible. Customers don’t always want to pick a cake off the shelf, they want solutions that are created for their organization, deployment models and use-cases; They want you to provide the flour so they can make the baked good of their choice. IT organizations have had to adapt and ask what the customer wants, where it will be consumed, how, by whom and in what locations. It’s just like running a bakery – you can’t just sell cookies and pre-sliced bread, you need to have products that fit different consumption styles, occasions, locations and budgets.

Build Brand

Multapplied gives you full control. On top of leveraging your own network, IP space, and hardware, our SD-WAN platform is fully white label, white box (Download Whitepaper).  You are the Service Provider and vendor – ensuring your customer is your own. We sell you the flour and you brand the resulting product as your own. You own your network.

Meet Specific Customer Needs

By bundling SD-WAN with your existing services, you can tailor specific solutions to specific customer needs; You have a secure-on ramp to deliver your services. You can sell multiple links (Cable, DSL, Fiber, LTE) to individual customers, enhancing the end-user experience and making your customers stick by giving them service they can depend on.

Think of Multapplied as the vehicle to deliver hosted and cloud-based applications with greater security, performance, and reliability. The beauty of Multapplied SD-WAN is that we seamlessly integrate our platform into your current solutions. Any business in the food industry, whether it’s a steakhouse or a smoothie shop, could do with some specialized all-purpose flour to add an array of baked goods to their product offering.

Control Costs

Increase your margins with our flexible licensing model. Charge by the cookie or charge by the batch – it’s up to you. Our subscription-based licencing model functions on a per site basis so that your bill won’t be based on how much bandwidth you use. You’re able to sell per connection or per site to manage your cost.  Be a virtual ISP and extend your ISP footprint. Give customers top of the line experience at a low cost.


Make Yourself Stand Out

Multapplied SD-WAN is the key to selling more product, building your brand, and maximizing your money-making potential.  Our all-purpose flour gives you the competitive edge you need to differentiate your services from the competition.

For more info on Multapplied SD-WAN, download our Feature Brief or Contact us


About Multapplied

Multapplied SD-WAN is more than software, it’s a business platform that allows you to sell hosted and cloud-based services, more effectively, while building strong recurring revenue streams and margins. Our white label, white box business platform allows you to own and brand the customer experience end-to-end. Multapplied SD-WAN allows service providers to simplify the management of complex networks and mitigate downtime while increasing performance, security and return on investment. We make the Internet better for business.  Control your brand, own your customers, and change the way you network.