Our Case Studies

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Growing Business Leverages Internet to Achieve Enterprise Class Wide Area Network

A large integrated manufacturer finds that there is a better way to provide a flexible, cost-effective network system connecting the head office, and 51 manufacturing branches to support more than 2,400 employees and countless systems and processes – using Bonded Internet.

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Bonding Fixed-Wireless to Fixed-Wireless for Business Continuity

A Fixed-Wireless customer approached a Bonded Internet™ Service Provider following a substantially windier-than-average spring, in hopes the service provider might have a solution to ensure their business would not be affected by subsequent wind-storms. The service provider provides another fixed-wireless connection for added redundancy, and bonds the connections for greater network performance and uptime.

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Bonding Fixed-Wireless to Third-Party ADSL for Business Continuity

A DSL provider’s customer began a hunt to solve network performance pains, and found a Fixed-Wireless provider that could bond the bandwidth of a Wimax connection with that of the customer’s existing ADSL connection. The Fixed-Wireless service provider provided the customer with a secondary connection, and a new IP address, and assumed control of the customer’s entire network.

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