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Multapplied SD-WAN allows you to design, deploy and manage secure, robust

networks for single-site and multi-site customers. 

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The Multapplied SD-WAN Technology

By using Multapplied’s SD-WAN white label , white box software on commodity-based hardware, facilities-based providers can manage the bandwidth and performance at the customer site as if it were on-net, all under their own brand.

For MSP, IaaS, ASP and SaaS providers who have traditionally not worried about customer connectivity to the network, you can solve connectivity issues that disrupt the customer experience of your hosted applications and lead to lower customer satisfaction and churn.  

Multapplied SD-WAN solution

The Multapplied SD-WAN solution is based on: 

  • Management Server – provides all configuration, command, and control for all other nodes in the system.  This is the key to zero-touch provisioning of CPE devices.
  • CPE deployed at customer sites. CPE are Intel-based x86 white box devices that meet the required specifications. The Multapplied CPE software load is installed on the CPE as an ISO image. CPE provide on-site intelligence and aggregate or bond available circuit types into a single-tunneled data stream. Circuit types can include DSL, Docsis, Fiber, MPLS, or Wireless (WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE). All circuits at a customer site are aggregated or bonded to transmit/receive simultaneously unless designated as Failover circuits on the Management Server. The CPE software monitors and manages the method by which packets and flows are distributed across the available circuits. CPE can be deployed in active/active or active/failover pairs at sites to provide redundancy. The CPE communicates with Aggregators and PWAN Routers at the service provider network.
  • Aggregators and PWAN Router software are deployed at the service provider data centers. The same software load is provisioned on Aggregators and Private WAN Routers, but is configured to define the node as either an Aggregator or PWAN Router. Hardware is Intel-based x86 bare metal or virtual environments.
  • The Aggregator communicates directly to the CPE, combining bandwidth from any available circuits into a single tunnel, managing tunnel performance and traffic flow, prioritization, and security.
  • Private WAN Routers enable secure flow of traffic between sites in PWAN networks or traffic destined to other data centers. This can include multiple branch offices or multiple offices and data centers. Traffic originating at a CPE designated as part of a Private WAN flows through the Aggregator and to the Private WAN node to be routed to its destination.  

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