Multapplied Networks Completes Second Round of Financing

Multapplied Networks Completes Second Round of Financing

North Vancouver-based technology firm receives planned second round of funding and enters into high-growth stage of business.

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC – (05/15/14) – Today, Vancouver-based networking software developer Multapplied Networks Inc. announced it has secured its planned second round of financing. The company, whose flagship product allows Carriers, multi-site enterprises and SMBs to combine the bandwidth of cross-media Internet access connections (ADSL, Cable, Fixed-Wireless, etc.) to create a corporate network with built-in redundancy and advanced features that include Quality of Service and Acceleration among others.

The financing allows the company to increase its operational focus on channel-partner support and enablement and expand its sales office based in Toronto, Ontario, helping our channel partners extend the reach of Bonded Internet™ in North America and Europe.

“We’re continuing to see positive reactions from the reseller, end-customer, and investment market,” said Johan Arnet, President of Multapplied Networks. “We’re very excited to be gaining momentum as we enter a high-growth stage and have the ability to compete the way we want; expect to hear from us regularly, both in terms of upcoming partnerships and feature announcements.”

Having invested five years to properly architect and develop, Multapplied has been in-market with Bonded Internet™ since late 2012 when it began its active sales efforts to attract new reseller channel partners. Since then, the product has gained world-wide acceptance as a leader in the space, opening up markets in the United Kingdom, Australia, the Bermudas, and throughout North America. Currently, the service can be purchased through channel partners in those geographies.

Advanced networking features of Bonded Internet™ include:

  1. Bandwidth Bonding of diverse media – IP-layer link aggregation of multiple connections for increased bandwidth.
  2. Seamless, same-IP failover – Ability to survive network outages without a change in customer facing IP addresses allowing for session continuity
  3. End-to-End, bi-directional Quality of Service – Ability to dynamically prioritize traffic on a per-packet basis over public connections from the customer’s Network to the service provider’s core.
  4. Bi-Directional Acceleration – Ability to accelerate compressible traffic types over network connections beyond the traditional speed of the individual connections.
  5. Site-to-Site / Site-to-Multisite Encryption – Point-to-Point encryption for data protection – ideal for private WANs as an alternative to MPLS.

“The bonding market is expanding as a result of the growth of Cloud Services,” continues Johan Arnet, explaining the growth of both the industry and Multapplied’s rapid rise to the forefront of the market. “As more businesses move services like backup, PBX, Email, and others to hosted Cloud providers, the need for a cost-effective, low-maintenance, high-functionality access service becomes very real. Today, companies aren’t able to tolerate any amount of downtime – and our service was developed not only to solve problems related to downtime, but also to offer other functionality to enable the use of off-site applications.”

For service providers interested in learning more about Multapplied’s solution, they are invited to visit:


Multapplied Networks is a network software developer with the vision of delivering cost-effective network products that multiply internet performance for corporate networks around the world. Our Bonded Internet™ software service combines the bandwidth of multiple Internet/access connections to provide customers with faster, more reliable networks. Bonded Internet™ is currently offered through distribution and implementation partners operating in Europe, Australia, and North America. The company began developing and deploying Bonded Internet™ in 2008. Since rebranding as Multapplied Networks in October of 2012, the company has become the leader in the category.