Wireless ISPs to gain market advantage in the race to provide corporate networks in rural areas

Wireless ISPs to gain market advantage in the race to provide corporate networks in rural areas

North American wireless internet service providers to provide high-value network solutions to businesses across North America thanks in part to a recent partnership between Multapplied Networks and WISPA.

North Vancouver, BC – Multapplied Networks, provider of Hybrid WAN technology solutions, announced today that it has become a vendor member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers’ Association (WISPA – wispa.org). The partnership will allow Multapplied Networks to offer its flagship Hybrid-WAN service (Bonded Internet) to Rural markets.

“We’re interested in growing our business through partnerships that make sense for all parties – the vendor, the service provider, and, most importantly, the corporate user,” explains Cameron Couch, Vice President of Multapplied’s Channel Business. “We believe that if the price is appropriate and the features make for a compelling, attractive, and useful product – our channel partners will continue to push the product as they have been globally.”

Under the vendor membership agreement, Multapplied will offer WISPA members discounted rates on partnership and license fees. Licenses include the following features:

  • Bonding of Diverse Access Media Bandwidth – specifically, this feature allows WISPs to combine wireless and wireline access for customers who need increased bandwidth and/or reliability
  • Same-IP Failover for Diverse Access and Multi-Provider Solutions – a feature that allows for uninterrupted transmissions of data in the event of a failed connection.
  • Customizable, End-to-End Quality of Service – a feature that enables the prioritization of application data such that the effect of fluctuating bandwidth quality on real-time applications (VoIP) is limited.
  • Compression for acceleration of specific file-types – a feature with the potential to reduce the size of data packets to give the network a 400 per cent increase in transmission speed.

Additional features are available at a-la-carte pricing – including system scalability and Bonded Internet’s Encryption for IPVPNs.

To become a reseller under the program, the service provider must maintain its membership in WISPA.

Multapplied’s Bonded Internet service is available through channel partners in nearly every corner of the world. Businesses looking for the Bonded Internet technology, can contact existing WISPA members and channel partners of Multapplied Networks, including California Internet (California, USA), Point-to-Point Broadband (Ontario, Canada), WiBand (Manitoba, Canada), and many others.

“We’ve seen a lot of success and interest within our existing base of Wireless ISPs,” says Couch. “We are working hard to provide high-value, feature-rich networks to both urban and rural customers and we feel that the WISPs are a great avenue for the dissemination of Bonded Internet – giving even the most remote customers the ability to compete in the global marketplace.”

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