Combine an unlimited number of ISPs, connections, and rules into one powerful WAN.

Heterogeneous becomes Homogeneous with our technology.

Local or Remote, any ISP connection can be managed, monitored, and reported on using our technology. Combine the bandwidth of multiple ISPs at a single site, or just use multiple ISPs to create a customer WAN – it’s all possible and manageable using our technology.

Combine them at each location for additional bandwidth and reliability. Monitor each ISPs connectivity to ensure your customer is getting the very best WAN experience possible.

System Features:

  • Bi-Directional Bandwidth Stacking
  • Lossless failover between ISPs
  • Bi-Directional Quality of Service
  • Bandwidth Adaptation
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Customer Benefits:

  • Increased Bandwidth  (sum of all bonded connections)
  • Improved Reliability (spread outage risk across multiple ISPs)
  • Improve Quality for Voice and Video
  • Provide link health reporting


Regardless of geographic limitations of your ISP, you can create an easily-managed WAN made up of ISPs around the world.

Why Buy from a Multapplied Partner?

If you're a business looking to benefit from SD-WAN, Multapplied partners can provide you with service. Anywhere on the globe. We will help you get connected with a partner who can SD-WAN-enable you. We'll need to talk to you first to make sure we match you with the right company.

If you're an IT consultant/IT VAR looking to resell SD-WAN we can also connect you with a partner that can enable you to add SD-WAN to your sales portfolio.Contact Us