Private WAN Using Public Internet

Private IP addresses and Routing ensure your network is giving you peace of mind.

Eliminate threats and unify branches – all while containing customer WAN costs.ce.

Create unified WANS leveraging available Internet connectivity. Control costs without sacrificing your customer’s security or WAN performance with a private WAN solution using our technology.


Internet access can be controlled through a centralized location, so that your customer can keep its existing firewall and simply layer-in a faster, more reliable WAN solution. Incorporate Azure or AWS easily and privately using private WAN routing.

System Features:

  • Bi-Directional Bandwidth Stacking
  • Lossless failover between ISPs
  • Bi-Directional Quality of Service
  • Private WAN Routing
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Customer Benefits:

  • Increased Bandwidth (sum of all bonded connections)
  • Improved Reliability (spread outage risk across multiple ISPs)
  • Improve Quality for Voice and Video
  • Provide link health reporting

Create a private Wide Area Network complete with advanced features – all managed through a centralized GUI for simplicity.

Why Buy from a Multapplied Partner?

If you're a business looking to benefit from SD-WAN, Multapplied partners can provide you with service. Anywhere on the globe. We will help you get connected with a partner who can SD-WAN-enable you. We'll need to talk to you first to make sure we match you with the right company.

If you're an IT consultant/IT VAR looking to resell SD-WAN we can also connect you with a partner that can enable you to add SD-WAN to your sales portfolio.

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