SD-WAN Infographics

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Comparing SD-WAN Vs. MPLS

Enterprises have been leveraging MPLS to increase uptime, scalability, end-user experience, and bandwidth utilization. But, Software-Define Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) is the next generation of business networks. It is designed to deliver fast deployment, flexible network solutions, integrate easily with on-premise, cloud and SaaS solutions and most of all, it’s flexible on price.


The Secret Sauce for IaaS Revenue Growth

Differentiate your IaaS Offering with Multapplied SD-WAN

Incorporate SD-WAN into your IaaS offers to deliver an end-to-end solution that makes it simple for your customers to migrate into your instrastructure. Download this infographic to learn more about how you can benefit from SD-WAN.


Reliability and Failover

SD-WAN: The Key to Providing Always-on Session Continuity

When connections to centralized applications in the cloud or data center and to the Internet fail, businesses suffer. Calls drop, transactions fail, sales opportunities are delayed, and customer service and technical support metrics are missed. Multapplied SD-WAN eliminates these risks.


The Evolution of WAN

SD-WAN Has Revolutionized and Improved The WAN Experience

Download and view this infographic and visualize to see the evolution of WAN and how SD-WAN manages and optimizes the network, providing better performance, reliability, cost savings, flexability and control.

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Traditional Multi-site Network VS. SD-WAN Network

SD-WAN Virtualizes Networks Into a Single Managed Solution

Download and view this infographic and visualize how SD-WAN manages the network, including IP addressing, routing, prioritization, and other network characteristics end-to-end.

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Multapplied SD-WAN: VOIP

Eliminate the Barriers to Flawless VOIP

Delivery reliable, crystal-clear voice across the globe with always-on connectivity. Learn more about Multapplied’s VOIP is able to maximize voice quality and allows you to experience always-on communication.

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Multapplied SD-WAN: ISP

Multapplied’s SD-WAN Business Platform

Maximize revenues, profits, and margins. Learn more about Multapplie’d business platform will allow you to sell multiple links to individual customers, enhance the end-user experience and so much more!

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Multapplied SD-WAN: MSP

Managed Service Providers

Monitor, Control, and Secure Your Services. Learn more about how Multapplied’s SD-WAN gives you the tools to manage your network and voice delivery over the internet. No dropped calls or sessions, EVER. Change the way you network.

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Multapplied SD-WAN: White Box

The White Label, White Box SD-WAN for Service Providers

Control Your Network, Increase Revenues & Own Your Customers. Learn more about how to maximize quality and grow your business. Multapplied’s white label, white box SD-WAN allows you to control your brand and make customers stick.

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Multapplied SD-WAN: Cloud Service Providers

Elevate your customers’ service delivery

Use Multapplied SD-WAN as the vehicle to deliver more of your existing services with higher performance, security and reliability. Bundle our SD-WAN with your other applications in the same data center to maximize the quality of your services.

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