Customer Solutions

What will you do with the Multapplied Networks technology?

You’re probably thinking about all the cool stuff you can do – and we don’t blame you. There’s so much you can do.

Below are some solutions you can deploy right out of the box. There are many, many more. 

Private WAN
The ultimate in affordable WAN solutions. Our Private WAN configuration allows for multi-site customers to leverage the Internet without risking security, reliability, or transmission assuredness. “PWAN” makes it easy to replace or update your clients’ aging networks to build a scalable, resilient WAN infrastructure. PWAN provides much of the functionality of MPLS and a slew of benefits MPLS can’t deliver – including a very compelling price reduction.
Internet-based WAN
Create powerful WANs made up of public Internet connections. Customers get an affordable WAN with built-in redundancy and other features like end-to-end Quality of Service. Imagine being able to apply high-end software-based features to the Internet.
Multi-Carrier Solution
Mix ISPs for “always-on” connectivity. Mitigate the risk of carrier outages (whether they’re at the core, or in the last-mile) to ensure uninterrupted transactions and high-availability of customer applications. Expand your customer base by providing a significant reliability upgrade for cost-conscious businesses using broadband. ISP has an outage? Customer sessions continue uninterrupted with our fast-failover feature.
Stacked Bandwidth

Adaptively increase network bandwidth to keep pace with real-world needs by layering on additional access connections. The network scales to meet your customers’ needs when necessary, at a price they can afford. Add a connection today until faster options are available for your customer tomorrow.

Unlike other technologies, with Multapplied, you can stack the bandwidth – a single session can use all of the available bandwidth of the aggregated connections. There’s virtually no limit to the achievable throughput.

Customer challenges met head on.

Scale Bandwidth

Bond DSL, Cable, 3G, LTE and virtually any other access connection – to each other. By bonding you introduce the sum-total aggregate of upload and download to your network for a single transmission/session. Scale bandwidth based on customer needs.

Solve VoIP Quality

By ensuring the packets are delivered to the core, Multapplied has essentially eliminated the quality-related issues with last-mile access technologies. Ensure voice quality for customers by delivering and steering packets end-to-end.

Eliminate Downtime

The system is continually monitoring link health and availability. In the event of a link failure or degration, each node maintains its IP address and traffic is re-routed to use the available connection. No more dropped VoIP calls due to blips in the network.

Secure Networks

The system splits application and session data into packets and spreads them across all of the links in the bond. Each link, then, is carrying only a fraction of the data. Our three encryption ciphers can be layered on top of the bond for increased WAN security.

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