As a VoIP provider, how do you increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customers support issues and churn? One way is by eliminating the quality and cost issues that can drive end-customers to shop around and choose alternate providers at the end of their contract or return to the ILEC for traditional services. Accomplish these goals and extend your service reach to new markets
nationally and internationally by deploying SD-WAN technology. With SD-WAN you’ll be able to deliver service over-the-top to any branch or location.

Multapplied Networks’ has recently published a white paper that showcases how SD-WAN is ideally suited for the VOIP service provider. SD-WAN makes it possible to deliver end-to-end QoS (Quality of Service) over any broadband Internet connection providing customers crisp video and clear voice that’s more affordable than dedicated fiber or MPLS circuits.

When VoIP providers deploy SD-WAN, they receive tools necessary for delivering crystal-clear, reliable voice around the world. Broader reach, more flexible networks and better able to deliver managed VoIP allows VoIP providers to expand their businesses and increase customer satisfaction. With SD-WAN, you’ll be able to deliver and sell VoIP in a more effective manner,
reach more customers, and bring more customers into your pipeline.

The full case study can be read at

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