Here’s what some of our Partners have to say about us

“With Multapplied we’re able to extend our MPLS networks and our WAN into areas that are geographically difficult. No other vendors I’ve seen are able to give you aggregate throughput of multiple connections while preserving IP Space.”

Dan Rink, CEO at iTel Networks (ISP) Video

“We’re not re-selling Multapplied’s service, we’re licensing it and selling it to our customers as our own. From a technical standpoint this has given us greater independence and control over our infrastructure.”

Mike Gach, VP Sales at Tierzero (MSP) Video

“Multapplied was the only SD-WAN vendor we looked at that gave us licensing to run everything on our own infrastructure and equipment. It was the right fit, I didn’t bother considering another vendor.”

Alex Ball, VP at QX.Net (ISP) Read More

“Multapplied has allowed us to have our own space — we use our own aggregators and are able to have full control over the entire SD-WAN process. Overall it’s an incredible partnership that we’ve got in place.”

Bret Childers, COO at SOCS Wireless (ISP) Video

“With a customer base that relies on widely available broadband connections, control of the speed, reliability and quality of internet connectivity has been a challenge. Until Multapplied, this was a constant headache for us and our customers.”

Adam Sessions, CEO at 1Wire Fiber (VoIP Provider) Read More