Every month we’ll be highlighting a feature and delving into what it can do for you, the Service Provider, or your end-customers. This month I’ll be talking about split tunneling or “Tunnel Bypass” as we call it.

This Blog defines Tunnel Bypass, provides an overview of what it can do for you, and illustrates the use of Tunnel Bypass with a couple use-cases.

What is Tunnel Bypass?

Tunnel Bypass is a feature of the Multapplied SD-WAN software which allows customer traffic to be classified and then sent and received by CPE device directly via a leg, bypassing the tunnel to the aggregator and the partners Data Center.

What Can It Do For You?

  • Ensures greater efficiency of the services that matter to you
    • VoIP, Point of Sales, Desktop as a Service or one of our FAVORITE network functions
  • Offloads low priority/web traffic to local gateways instead of trunking back to DC
    • ensures that “Fat Traffic” such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. doesn’t congest your network
  • Alleviates bottlenecks and conserves tunnel bandwidth
    • Internet traffic does not have to pass through to the Aggregation Server in the DC
  • Keeps unwanted data and/or network services out of the providers Data Center
  • Happier customers and more money!

Use Cases

“I am a VoIP provider.  I want to provide my customer with good voice quality but I don’t want any of the other customer data to run through my DC, how can I do this? “

Tunnel Bypass provides you with the ability to run specific traffic through the tunnel to the data center and then define a circuit that all other data will exit.  This bypass traffic will ingress and egress via the defined carrier internet access and not be a part of the tunnel traffic.  In this way, only the voice traffic you want will be included the tunnel.

“My customer has a restaurant and provides their patrons with free internet.  They don’t want this internet traffic mixed with or part of the corporate MPLS or Private WAN.  How can I achieve this?

Tunnel Bypass enables the classification of the customer Wi-Fi traffic in a number of ways (Eg. source destination IP address, DSCP tag, port number, etc.) to identify and Bypass the PWAN sending this traffic out to the internet access of a defined carrier circuit.  This keeps this data out of and separate from the corporate data running to the Aggregation Server in the Data Center.

“My customer wants to bypass all nonessential data traffic directly to the internet, keeping it out of the Corporate tunnel and into the Data Center.“

Tunnel Bypass Keeps Corporate data private while splitting off unwanted traffic directly to the internet. It reduces costs and does not require the purchase of an additional circuit to be used only for internet access. In addition, it allows rate limiting of the total data throughput to the internet

Any Questions?

On April 23rd, we’ll be hosting a webinar for our existing Partner base on how to provision Tunnel Bypass. This Webinar will be made public on April 24th in the videos section of our website! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!