• Cloud company (Partner X) needed a cost-effective SD-WAN solution
  • Deployed Multapplied SD-WAN as a “Secure Onramp” to manage connectivity
  • Secure Onramp streamlines application deployments and provides a managed “on-ramp” or managed connectivity between customer sites and MSP cloud services
  • Partner X bundles and sells Multapplied SD-WAN under their own brand to drive business results; Improve application performance, drive revenue, and deliver on SLA.


Multapplied’s Channel Partner X is a fast-growing cloud company. Many recognized brands rely on the company for tailored strategies to migrate multiple integrated solutions onto a single, unified platform including: disaster recovery, contact center/call center, IP phone systems / unified communications, virtual desktops, and more. Partner X had an annual revenue of $20-30 Million before adopting Multapplied SD-WAN and are now seeing annual revenue of greater than $250 Million.


Partner X approached Multapplied with the following requirements:

  • Replace legacy or expensive connectivity services at customer sites with a service that the Partner could manage and control as part of their SLA
  • Use cost-effective broadband connections where required
  • Support delivery of SLA to Increase customer retention and acquisition
  • Full visibility of network health to detect problems before their customers
  • Deliver QoS for VoIP and other high priority traffic over broadband
  • Increase reliability with a fast-failover configuration
  • Deliver an easy-to-use user interface to automate network setup and configuration
  • Cost-effective deployment and licensing


Partner X now uses Multapplied SD-WAN to do the following:

  • Sell SD-WAN as a “Black Box” that guarantees uptime and quality
  • Deliver on their SLAs by providing customers with 99.999% Guaranteed uptime
  • Reduce support calls and overall cost of support
  • Increase bandwidth to customer sites by stacking bandwidth of multiple circuits
  • Provide Business Continuity to customers (always up connectivity with diverse carrier services)

Partner X has enhanced their customer value-proposition using Multapplied SD-WAN as a “Secure Onramp” to their managed services. By connecting all customer sites to cloud services through carrier diverse, MSP-managed connectivity, Secure Onramp extends MSP cloud right to the customer edge.

Partner X now sells Multapplied SD-WAN as their OWN cloud solution with Internet connectivity, Bi-directional QoS over public networks. It’s worked for them as a cost effective alternative to MPLS and has helped increase revenue and improve application performance, while giving them the ability to deliver on their SLA’s.

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