Five Reasons ISPs are Ripping Out their T1s and Replacing them with Bonded ADSL+CABLE

Almost 40% of Bonded Internet™ deployments are coming from partners that are replacing their on- and off-net T1s. Why? Their customers (and their finance teams) require more. Either it’s more bandwidth, more versatility or, frankly, higher profit margins.

If you’ve got T1s, what are your plans for replacing them?

1. Better Download Capacity for Customers

It’s no secret that T1s are not able to meet the download requirements of most businesses today. Aside from the myth that T1s with MPLS are the only sure option for QoS, they serve virtually no purpose in today’s Cloud-crazy world.

Replacing T1s with bonded ADSL or bonded broadband connections of any type allows you to match the upload capacity of a T1, but greatly increase the download capacity.

Same upload speed, ten times the download speed

2. Higher Availability for Customers

A T1 may come with a Service Level Guarantee, but ADSL and CABLE connections are quickly catching up to the “big boys” when it comes to reliability.

With a bonded ADSL and CABLE combination, your customers enjoy Bonded Internet’s same-IP failover and the uptime protection that comes with diversifying their access connection. It’s not load balancing – it’s more reliable.

3. Higher Profit Margins for Service Providers

You may buy T1s off-net for a 20% profit margin – or perhaps it’s less, but you can easily triple that profit by swapping out two inexpensive broadband connection and bonding them together.

The customer’s IP address doesn’t have to change, you just enjoy a higher profit per customer. We explain the increase in profit margins here.

4. Larger Service Footprint for ISPs

Broadband might be everywhere, but T1s often aren’t. It’s fine when you can create a T1-like service by bonding DSL and CABLE connections. Sell off-net access connections without incurring capital costs.

Increase your service area without incurring additional capital costs. By providing the bonding service, it’s your IP address the customer uses, and you own the service. With Bonded Internet™, the smallest ISP can sell world-wide – with next to no capital costs.

5. Decreased Support Costs for Partners

Now that you can bond connections of various types – yours or someone else’s – you’re increasing your customer’s network reliability.

Increase their bandwidth by bonding, and you’re eliminating the top two reasons customers call your support centre – not only do they not go down as often, but they’ve also got a fast-enough network to get their work done.